Well, today marks the next chapter of my weight loss journey.  I haven’t been very successful before and simply no good excuse.  I needed to exercise more often and eat better.   Today I started Focus T25.  My legs are definitely feeling it.  I had to go back and forth from the modified version and non modified version to get my fitness level.  I worked hard and am happy with myself.  No excuses.  Who can’t find 25 minutes a day?  Jessica started today too so even though we are many provinces apart we are doing it together and can encourage one another in our journey.  

I have also started taking a vegetable supplement to help with cravings and make me feel full before eating so I don’t over eat.  Hopefully it helps out along with the exercises.  I was hoping to post before pictures so I can view my progress but I haven’t had the chance to edit the lighting yet so I will post that later.  🙂  Now am ready to rest for the night and let my muscles heal before my next workout tomorrow.

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3000 Fan Giveaway!!!

Well good day to all!  This is my first blog post.  Considering I kept a diary since I was in grade 5 until I finished high school, I am surprised I didn’t start sooner!

If you found me you probably know I am the owner of Fine Silver Designs in Radisson, Saskatchewan.  I make custom made personalized silver jewelry.  I also dabble a bit in bronze and copper but silver is my first love.  I began making metal jewelry in the spring of 2013.  I have been having lots of fun since then creating beautiful pieces for many different people all over the world.

I have decided to do a 3000 Fan Giveaway!  I have had lots of vendors offer donations to the giveaway and I am so excited to introduce you to some of these vendors!  Make sure to enter and check out their pages!

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